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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Group G - Brazil

Nickname – Canarinha, A Seleção (The Selection), Verde-Amarela , The Samba Kings


Brazil finished top of their group despite constant pressure on manager Dunga that never felt like he was affected and kept going and going and made Fabiano his most prolific scorer this campaign with 9 goals in a total of 33 goals. Even though they were close to lose the Confederations Cup in a true warm-up to the World Cup, it lacked the close to, before they would never lose that final. Brazil is tipped to win the 6th World Cup. NOT.


Jun 15 Johannesburg Brazil v North Korea - No matches played. It was in the spring of 1999 that last saw a Asian side beating Brazil. South Korea defeated the samba players 1-0.

Jun 20 Johannesburg Brazil v Ivory Coast - No matches played. Last time Brazil lost a competitive match against an African side was in 2003 for the Confederations cup. 0-1 vs.Cameroon. For those who have not born after 1959, Ivory Coast never won a match against a South American nation. Can Drogba edge HIStory?

Jun 25 Durban Portugal v Brazil - Portugal lost 11 times against Brazil, won 4 times and they drew twice. Even though Brazil stunned Portugal with a 6-2 recent win, in their last 4 encounters Portugal won 2 and drew 1. The difference between the 2 nations rely that Brazil often wins by bigger margins 6-2, 4-0, 0-4, 3-1, 4-1 and Portugal wins 2-0, 2-1, 3-1, 1-0. The biggest win Portugal had against Brazil was the only time they played each other for a major competition, the 1966 World Cup, 3-1. So what will stand out? The winner of the friendly matches or the winner of the real competitions?

Goalkeepers: Julio Cesar (Inter Milan), Doni (AS Roma), Gomes (Tottenham)

Defenders: Maicon (Inter Milan), Daniel Alves (Barcelona), Michel Bastos (Olympique Lyon), Gilberto (Cruzeiro), Lucío (Inter Milan), Juan (AS Roma), Luisao (Benfica), Thiago Silva (AC Milan)

Midfielders: Gilberto Silva (Panathinaikos), Felipe Melo (Fiorentina), Ramires (Benfica), Elano (Galatasaray), Kaká (Real Madrid), Julio Baptista (Roma), Kleberson (Flamengo), Josué (VfL Wolfsburg)

Strikers: Robinho (Santos), Luís Fabiano (Sevilla), Nilmar (Villarreal), Grafite (VfL Wolfsburg)


Dunga holds to its 4-2-3-1 formation with his box-2-box and trequartistas strategy. Julio Cesar; Maicon, Daniel Alves, Lucio, Thiago Silva; Gilberto Silva, Filipe Melo, Kaka, Ramires, Robinho & Luis Fabiano.


Kaka plays for Real Madrid bought from Milan. In a much accomplished career he has beyond the team’s titles, his own individual achievements where one particular is imperative, Best Player of the World. He is the playmaker of his nation and club. Recently he was sidelined most of the season with a injury but will surely make part of the starting XI of Brazil potentially creating a deep in impact in terms of the team’s strategy due to his prolific role. Kaka is one of the most complete players of the XXI century and characteristics include his skills on technique, creativity, vision, passing ability, long shot and stunning positioning just to mention a few. This season he had 38 matches, 12 goals, 10 assists and a ratio of 4 shots per match with a goal accuracy of 35%.

Robinho likewise Nelson Motta developed his talent in his early stages through the indoor and street game which allowed him to increase a skilful game with special approach on pace, agility, tricks and the stunning flawless one-on-one capacity. The loss of focus on match performance for the group is the Achilles’ heel of Robinho but still when he drives away from selfish perspectives he is one of the most dangerous players nowadays. After leaving on loan to Santos from Manchester City, which sounded to be a step back on his career has ignited his virtue on the pitch. 28 matches, 11 goals, 4 assists. Expect much from him or underrate him.

Luis Fabiano plays for Sevilla and is heavily linked to a move away from the Spanish club after the World Cup. His season saw his delivery of 21 goals and 7 assists in a total of 29 matches. No Ronaldo or Pele means that Fabiano will take the role of number 9 striker as Brazil’s weapon of choice up-front. His pedigree will allowing him to potentially get to the highest status he got to his name till today, meaning Golden Boot of the present World Cup.


The surprise omissions are Ronaldinho and Pato from Milan, Adriano from Flamengo and Diego from Juventus


"We have to learn to live with the favourites' tag. We mustn't let it turn into something negative, as it has done in previous years." Kaka, following the win over Argentina which clinched qualification.


- Dunga –

1 Copa America - 2007;

1 Confederations CUP 2009;

Career made of 52 matches with 69% Win, 21% Draw, 10% Loss, GS 2,04 GA 0,69


Strength – A team that has won 5 World Cup titles is always a nation take into account and that happens for a reason. Top quality players so many that is hard to choose a balanced 23 squad leaving out other important names. Still, dead ball situations and a mixed counter-attack with contemporary approach to the game will see Brazil on top most of their matches.

Weaknesses – Clashes of egos and struggle to break into goal playing against nations that develop a highly defensive strategy. Even though they are always among the favorites to win the competitions where they head to; their low pressure from midfielders is not the best one allowing a precedent to strong nations to take advantage like Netherlands, England, Italy, Spain for instance that have touch and go approach.

Opportunities – Using the individual’s skill to emphasize their group. If they perform at the level they got us used to, they will be hard to beat and that’s enough to describe it.

Threats – Selfishness will put them under pressure and media is always stressing Dunga even when he managed to lead the country to the first place in the qualifying stages. If something in this group can threaten Brazil is the second match against physical and pace set-trend Ivory Coast.


1st in the World Rankings


5 FIFA World Cup – 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002;

8 Copa America – 1919, 1922, 1949, 1989, 1997, 1999, 2004, 2007.

3 Confederations Cup – 1997, 2005, 2009



Brazil 1 0 South Africa

United States 2 3 Brazil

Estonia 0 1 Brazil

Argentina 1 3 Brazil

Brazil 4 2 Chile

Bolivia 2 1 Brazil

Brazil 0 0 Venezuela

Brazil 1 0 England

Oman 0 2 Brazil

Brazil 2 0 Republic of Ireland

Zimbabwe 0 3 Brazil

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