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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Group G - North Korea

Nickname – Chollima


Cruising past Mongolia on aggregate 9-2, they advanced to the qualifying round 3 which saw them reach the 2nd place behind rivals South Korea but still enough to advance to the final qualifying round where they finished once again in the same position but this time with far more competitive opposition sides like Saudi Arabia, Iran and UAE. It was not the easiest qualifying they had but still that star rose to occasion and there they are in South Africa.


Jun 15 Johannesburg Brazil v North Korea - No matches played. It was in the spring of 1999 that last saw a Asian side beating Brazil. South Korea defeated the samba players 1-0.

Jun 21 Cape Town Portugal v North Korea - Only one match between these teams. The nostalgia takes us to the 23 of July, 1966. North Korea was winning 3-0 while clock was saying 24 minutes but then Portugal had to make it and inflict an unforgivable defeat by 5-3 with a poker from Mozambican Portuguese forward Eusebio. Can they be a nuclear threat to Portugal this time? If Tsubasa can make it in the cartoons why can’t North Korea in reality? LOL

Jun 25 Nelspruit North Korea v Ivory Coast - No matches played. Last time Ivory Coast won against Asian opposition was in January of 2008 0-2 against Kuwait. For instance, to see North Korea winning we have to travel to 1993 when they won against Finland and at the time URSS. They will the best friends with Algeria, spending holiday in South Africa.

Goalkeepers: Kim Myong Gil (Amrokgang), Kim Myong Won (Amrokgang), Ri Myong Guk (Pyongyang City)

Defenders: Cha Jong Hyok (Amrokgang), Ri Jun Il (Sobaeksu), Ri Kwang Chon (April 25), Nam Song Chol (April 25), Pak Nam Chol (Amrokgang), Ri Kwang Hyok (Kyonggongop), Pak Chol Jin (Amrokgang)

Midfielders: Ji Yun Nam (April 25), Mun In Guk (April 25), Pak Sung Hyok (Sobaeksu), Ri Chol Myong (Pyongyang City), Pak Nam Chol (April 25), An Yong Hak (Omiya Ardija), Kim Kyong Il (Rimyongsu), Kim Yong Jun (Pyongyang City)

Strikers: Hong Yong Jo (FC Rostov), An Chol Hyok (Rimyongsu), Jong Tae Se (Kawasaki Frontale), Choe Kum Chol (April 25), Kim Kum Il (April 25)


Jong-hun Kim displays a defensive 5-4-1 formation with sudden tactical changes from the bench, meaning you never know what he will be doing next as he has not a specific pattern but this approach often has paid off lately and so they are in the World Cup. Ri Myong Guk; Cha Jong Hyok, Ri Jun Il, Pak Nam Chol, Ri Kwang; Ji Yun Nam, Kim Yong Jun, Mun In Guk, Jong Tae Se, Kim Kyong Il; Hong Yong Jo.


Jong Tae Se is the focus of hope for the North Koreans. He is the striker of J-League’s Kawasaki Frontale and he is dubbed as the “Asian Rooney”. Quickness, tricky feints, strength and fiery shot are some of the hot guidelines for this above average forward that is a proven star at the eyes of North Koreans. If someone can help North Korea to make a World Cup against the odds is Jong Tae Se.


"It was as a result of our hard work that we will return to the World Cup, 44 years after we reached last eight at England 1966. We are likely to meet European teams once more at South Africa 2010 and I hope we can repeat the feats of our predecessors." Korea DPR head coach Kim Jong-Hun


- Jong-hun Kim –

Career made of 24 matches with 42% Win, 25% Draw, 33% Loss, GS 1,54 GA 0,88


Strength – The major strength of North Korea is their defensive ability instigated through the 5-4-1 strategy adopted by Jong-hun Kim. When they use the counter they rely on the pace of Hong Yong Jo and Jong Tae Se to deliver some results.

Weaknesses – Their players lack top competitive football and that can prove to be costly in a World Cup stage. Playing against an opposition that pressure high in the pitch will make them surrender to heavy defeats.

Opportunities – 11 years ago South Korea beat Brazil 1-0, can the neighbors North Korea provide the same shocking result?

Threats – You name it. Ivory Coast, Brazil, Portugal. Which one will trash North Korea?


Position number 106 for North Korea being the only team out of the first best 100 nations.



Iran 1 0 North Korea

North Korea 1 1 Turkmenistan

Kyrgyzstan 0 4 North Korea

North Korea 3 0 India U-21

North Korea 5 0 Myanmar

Turkmenistan 4 5 North Korea

Venezuela 2 1 North Korea

Mexico 2 1 North Korea

North Korea 0 0 South Africa

North Korea 0 1 Paraguay

North Korea 2 2 Greece

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