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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Group H - Honduras

Nickname – Los Catrachos, La Bicolor


Carlos Pavon scored 7 goals helping their Honduran squad to reach the World Cup on a goal difference with Costa Rica. This was a last chapter day when USA drew with Costa Rica before Pavon slotted home a crucial goal against opponent’s El Salvador. They finished 3rd behind Mexico and USA with 16 points, the same as Costa Rica but the Hondurans advanced based on goal difference.


Jun 16 Nelspruit Honduras v Chile - Chile 3 Honduras 2 in matches played against each other. In spite of that, in the last 3 encounters it was Honduras that took the best of it winning 2-0 and 3-1 and losing only 1-2 against South American fellow Chile.

Jun 21 Johannesburg Spain v Honduras - Would you believe? Beyond their 100+ km/h shots that Honduran players strike, they must be one of the fewest nations not to have lost with Spain. Even though they only met once, it was in the World Cup 1982 in Spain. They managed to stay in last position of the group only to lose once in the 3 matches played.

Jun 25 Bloemfontein Switzerland v Honduras - No matches played. The only last two times Honduras lost against European sides was this year with Turkey and then you have to go back until the beginning of 2004 to see them losing against Norway. The last 10 matches played by Switzerland have been a total disgrace despite winning 4 out of 10 games.

Goalkeepers: Ricardo Canales (Motagua), Noel Valladares (Olimpia), Donis Escober (Olimpia)

Defenders: Victor Bernardez (Anderlecht), Maynor Figueroa (Wigan), Oscar Garcia (Olimpia), Sergio Mendoza (Motagua), Emilio Izaguirre (Motagua), Johnny Palacios (Olimpia), Mauricio Sabillon (Hangzhou Luchen), Osman Chavez (Platense)

Midfielders: Edgard Alvarez (Bari), Julio Cesar de Leon (Torino), Roger Espinoza (Kansas City Wizards), Amado Guevara (Motagua), Ramon Nunez (Olimpia), Wilson Palacios (Tottenham Hotspur), Hendry Thomas (Wigan), Danilo Turcios (Olimpia)

Forwards: David Suazo (Genoa), Georgie Welcome (Motagua), Carlos Pavon (Real Espana), Walter Martinez (Marathon)


Reinaldo Rueda, the Colombian strategist plays a 4-4-2 formation. Valladares; Bernardez, Figueroa, J. Palacios, Edgar Alvarez; Julio Cesar de Leon, Sabillon, Wilson Palacios, Hendry Thomas; Suazo, Pavon.


Wilson Palacios played 44 matches for Tottenham/Honduras this season and got the best out of it helping, for instance, the Spurs to get a Champions League spot. He is a true leader on the field and adding to that you see his bravery disputing the ball, athletic build and outstanding work-rate levels. He will be the one securing

David Suazo is considered to be the best Honduran player of the past years but due to injury proneness factor inherent to the player he has not delivered with Internazionale what everyone was expecting from him after scoring more than 100 goals in Italian football. His strong presence combined with speed and pedigree ahead of goal make of him a constant danger.


"Nobody could believe it. Our game ended and we were all dejected, then we saw the row the fans were making and we realised that the USA had equalised against Costa Rica. We're so happy to be going to South Africa and we're not going to let down all those people who believed in us." Honduras striker Carlos Pavon after his team booked their passage to the 2010 showpiece.


- Reinaldo Rueda –

Career made of 104 matches with 48% Win, 20% Draw, 32% Loss, GS 1,51 GA 1,01


Strength – Their strength relies on the counter-attack due to the factor of their offensive line being pacy. They have a strong defensive line but most of that was proven against relatively weaker sides, so the Hondurans are hoping to get something out of this group.

Weaknesses – As a couple of other nations, Honduras lack players that are playing in top competition leagues which might be an important factor when it comes down to a World Cup.

Opportunities – Take a winning result from first match against Chile and relish the possibility of keeping 100% positive the results against Spain.

Threats – Losing the first game against Chile will unease the chance of getting something out of the second match against Spain.


Number 40 of the World. Ahead of Japan and behind of Slovakia.


1 Gold Cup – 1981;



Honduras 4 0 Costa Rica

Honduras 4 1 Trinidad/Tobago

Mexico 1 0 Honduras

Honduras 2 3 United States

El Salvador 0 1 Honduras

Honduras 2 1 Latvia

Honduras 1 2 Peru

United States 1 3 Honduras

Turkey 2 0 Honduras

Honduras 0 1 Venezuela

Azerbaijan 0 0 Honduras

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