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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paraguay 0-0 New Zealand

The Line-Ups:

Paraguay: 1-Justo Villar; 4-Denis Caniza, 5-Julio Cesar Caceres, 14-Paulo Da Silva, 3-Claudio Morel, 13-Enrique Vera, 15-Victor Caceres, 16-Cristian Riveros, 9-Roque Santa Cruz, 18-Nelson Valdez, 7-Oscar Cardozo.

New Zealand: 1-Mark Paston; 4-Winston Reid, 6-Ryan Nelsen, 5-Ivan Vicelich, 19-Tommy Smith, 3-Tony Lochhead, 11-Leo Bertos, 7-Simon Elliot, 10-Chris Killen, 14-Rory Fallon, 9-Shane Smeltz.

Even though they won’t need the history factor to win this match as we can see Paraguay is playing a beautiful football, the South Americans have not been defeated in the last final group matches where they have played and even won the last three. Is that a guarantee? Time will tell us.

Not much to talk about this match. Teams were mostly interested in not losing rather than playing an interesting match.


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