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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Argentina 0-4 Germany

The Line-Ups:

Argentina: 22-Sergio Romero; 15-Nicolas Otamendi, 2-Martin Demichelis, 4-Nicolas Burdisso, 6-Gabriel Heinze, 14-Javier Mascherano, 20-Maxi Rodriguez, 7-Angel Di Maria, 10-Lionel Messi, 11-Carlos Tevez, 9-Gonzalo Higuain.

Germany: 1-Manuel Neuer; 16-Philipp Lahm, 3-Arne Friedrich, 17-Per Mertesacker, 20-Jerome Boateng, 13-Thomas Mueller, 6-Sami Khedira, 7-Bastian Schweinsteiger, 10-Lukas Podolski, 8-Mesut Ozil, 11-Miroslav Klose.

Argentina Review – SWOT:

Maradona works around a 4-3-1-2 formation with a lot of opportunities from midfield ahead – Sergio Romero; Heinze, Samuel, Demichelis, Burdisso; Mascherano, Verón, Di Maria; Messi; Higuaín, Tevez/Aguero.


Strength – A squad made mostly of players that represent the best competitions in Europe should tell you all. If that is not enough, then try to add the best footballer in the world, the most ever controversial icon in football and the finest striking power just to mention some of the epic proportion of the likes of Argentinean football.

In terms of facts, they have never lost this year and indeed won all of the matches they played in 2010. Furthermore, they have scored 10 goals and conceded only twice and have flawless record in this World Cup winning all matches.

Weaknesses – The pressure of being the former 2 time World Champion. Maradona’s ever changing environment style that might confuse most of the players regardless their potential. At least in terms of group stages their less effective defensive back line wasn’t a problem because of their prolific offensive line, but might be costly in the latter stages. DeMichelis has been a liability of Argentina’s last third.

Opportunities – Re-edit the victory they had earlier in the year against Germany with a goal from Higuain that surely has the pedigree to go and score again to lead the top-scorer table on this tournament. They have never got a draw under Maradona’s spell as a coach so penalties could be off the horizon as that was what beat Argentina back in the 2006 World Cup against the same opponent.

Threats – Against all odds, Argentina getting caught napping on several defensive mistakes at the expense of dramatic offensive performances by their opponents.

The Argentinean most flourished garden getting all wilted due to high expectations.

Germany Review – SWOT:

Joachim Löw organizes his methodological squad through a 4-4-2 but recently has been trying to merge its primary formation with a 4-2-3-1. Manuel Neuer; Lahm, Mertesacker, Boateng, Westermann; Mezut Ozil, Schweinsteiger; Trochowski, Podolski, Klose & Marin/Khedira/Cacau/Muller.


Strength –Germany is always tipped to win the World Cup as they already won it 3 times, but a European team never won outside European soil. Their well structured squad alongside their tough physical approach plays a key factor in Germany’s way of play. In this World Cup they managed to score 9 goals and conceded only 2 (3 if we take into account Lampard’s goal not credited).

Weaknesses – Likewise England, they have failed to win matches against major nations, but the difference is that related to England has happened in friendly matches while Germany has happened in the last stages of European Championships and World Cup as well. The pressure is on young Ozil to fulfill the Kaiser’s position of Ballack.

Opportunities – The lack of high performance levels of Argentina’s last third. Ozil might easily open spaces through his stunning breakthrough passes.

Threats – They have only scored four goals regarding their last Quarter-final matches in previous six World Cups. The German aggressiveness in defense will be taken into account by Maradona that will push for his creative players to get the referee decisions on his side. One of the two goals conceded gifted Germany with a loss against Serbia, meaning that they are not that thick even when managing to torn apart Ghana and England.

Schweinsteiger’s free-kick from the left curling in and Muller with a slight touch with his head puts it in!! It is 1-0 for Germany and we are just 2 minutes into the game. Could Romero have done it better?

Platini, Mick Jagger, Leo Di Caprio, Angela Merkel and many more are among the spectators for today’s match.

Germany switched approach. Now they look much more the Germany that faced England, sitting on the back and taking advantage of their quick developed counter-attack.

Into the 36th minute and Higuain scores but was straight away disallowed by the linesman. Argentina had 4 players in an offside position. And the game starts to get passionate on the Argentina’s side.

It seems like the words of Maradona concerning the referees are backfiring to him. Germany is having a strong defensive performance and in the second half they have increased their capacity of having three different lines before Argentina are able to make anything of their own attack.

One more for Miroslav Klose as he gets closer and closer to Ronaldo World Cup record and surpassed Pele already. It was Podolski assisting in a perfect manner to see Klose to tap in one meter away from the goal line.

3-0 for Germany!! And Angela Merkel is dancing in the stands!! Schweinsteiger exposes big time Argentina’s defense dribbling all the way before assisting Friedrich that copy+paste the goal from Klose a few minutes before his first goal with the German shirt.

Taking into account the fantastic performances of Podolski we can see him featured later on in the best XI of this competition.

Klose scores another one. 4-0?!?!? Another counter-attack and another goal. Ballack is on a party mood off the field. The polish born striker is now one goal away of taking the World Record in terms of goals in this major competition.

Argentina goes home but surely they played the most entertaining football in their run until the quarter-finals before being outplayed by the German strategist Low. Haven’t we seen this coming in the last match against Mexico? (Things just changed after the “offside” goal of Tevez)

They enjoy the number 4. Will they do it again in the Semi-Final?


Argentina 0-4 Germany - Highlights

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