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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

About Us

The Royal45 Group is a global sports, fashion and entertainment business with numerous employees operating in all five continents. The Group’s areas of expertise are diverse and comprehensive. With the services and investment provided we offer the company major enduring growth opportunities. 

Acting as a mother agency we represent athletes, models, make-up artists, photographers, stylists, designers, illustrators, singers and producers. The agency’s role is to help our clients to find work and maximize market opportunities with secondary agencies and clientele, typically in other regions worldwide.  Think of it as the agency that you call home.

While placing clients in other areas of the world for work, still they are considered the main agency.  Like all agencies, mother agencies work off commission (roughly 10% – 15%).  This is in addition to whatever the international or secondary agency charges (typically 20%). The agency is a company that represents the aforementioned, to work for the sports, fashion and entertainment industry. Therefore the agency earns their income via commission, usually from the deal they make with the clients they represent and the clientele that they engage in business with.

The agency works with big-budget football clubs, recording studios, advertising agencies, fashion designers and other direct clients interested in the services. The Group invests money into developing their talent so they can increase their status within the industry. The Royal45 Group does and will continue to help train their athletes, models, singers, getting clubs, venues, test shoots, layout portfolios, and put together comp cards and video-folio (composition photo cards and video) and other printed materials they need to be represented through the excellence of our service.

We are also responsible for tutoring, consulting, booking the jobs, billing for the jobs, and eventually paying our representatives for their time. By handling these details, it allows our representatives to focus on their career and not on the business end.

Because this business sectors are a very competitive, fast moving business that extends beyond the traditional 9 AM to 5 PM business hours, our company generally conducts business 24 hours a day, to handle emergencies such as cancellations or rush jobs. As we are representing our clients throughout the 5 continents, we have a non-stop service to handle emergency issues after hours and/or including different time zones. With growth in mind we are expected to expand into other business ventures and regions worldwide.